April 6, 2011

Wishful Wednesday! Agatha Wishes For A Furrrrever Home!

I'm not sure how anyone could give up a face like this but someone did. Let me introduce you to Agatha. She looks like a border collie mix and she is available for adoption at the Franklin Co. (VA) Humane Society as of yesterday.She is a spayed female border collie who is about 18 months old and she is around 40 pounds. If you would like more information on her, click Planned Pethood - Franklin County Humane Society


  1. Oh isn't she sweet? I hope someone will take her home.
    We have a border collie that we adopted from Angels of Assisi, and I have to say he has been the BEST dog!

  2. How precious! Border Collies are very smart and protective dogs. Will share her pic!

  3. Great dogs, the border collies. Would take her if I didn't have my hands full with two pups already... I'm sure though that someone will be taking Agatha home soon. Thanks for getting the word out about her.


  4. she is adorable! I will share her and tweet her now

  5. She is a beauty! I hope someone chooses her soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. How cute is she!! Nice job with the News 7 piece. Nitro is obviously special, and so are you!! BTW, Mike saw Nitro leave the treat, and I said, "Zoe can do that." He didn't believe me, and we demonstrated. He was impressed. Thank goodness you turned us on to Field of Dreams. Zoe has come a long way. :)