June 29, 2011

June 28, 2011

Reflections of Nitro - Happy Terrific Tuesday!

Nitro waits patiently at the door when he wants someone to let him in the house (he is such a good boy). Although the windows in the following photos have dog slobber all over them, I thought Nitro's reflection on the glass door was an interesting photo perspective. Enjoy and Happy Terrific Tuesday!

 He is looking up at me as if to say "mommy it is lunch time, can we go in and eat our lunch now?"...

Nitro: "Still waiting"...
Nitro: "Hello in there!"...
Nitro: "Oh come on already"...

Nitro: "Maybe if I bark loud enough they will let me in the house"..."hmmm..what to do..what to do"...

Speaking of reflections, I just remembered I have some reflections of Nitro with his water dish from the first week he was here on Bluebird Farm. The following photos are from Novemer 2010 when he had just arrived from the Salem Shelter.
As you can see in this shot my sweet dog Bailey, she was trying to set the hierarchy order early on in their relationship. You can't tell from this photo but Bailey is the most tolerant dog you will ever meet. Her tough act didn't work with Nitro at all because he is still in her face all the time. Such good dogs!

 See his beautiful blue eye?

Such a sweet little boy. Nitro was our first male dog here on Bluebird Farm and he only weighted 14 pounds in these photos. He is 75 pounds now and still growing!

I wonder if he could see in his reflection or even imagine what an amazing life he was about to embark on.

June 27, 2011

She's A Bit Ruff! Chinese-crested Chihuahua Mix Wins The Worlds Ugliest Dog Title

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
And it definitely seems to be the case with this pooch who was kissed and cuddled by her owner as she bagged the title of the World's Ugliest Dog.

In the dog-eat-dog world of contests Yoda managed to wow judges at a Northern Californian

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2008039/Shes-bit-ruff-Chinese-crested-Chihuahua-mix-wins-Worlds-Ugliest-Dog-title.html#ixzz1QQCB7d00

June 24, 2011

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop for 6-24-2011 - A Week Of Celebration With Dogs, Horses and Equestrians

Lexi, Nitro, Tallulah, Bailey, and I are excited to participate in this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Special thanks goes out to our Pet Blog Hop hosts, Life With DogsTwo Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume! If you would like to read some entertaining pet blogger posts in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, just click on one of the host links above or click on the purple Pet Blogger Hop button on the right side of our homepage. Happy Pet Blog Hopping!

This week the Roanoke Valley Horse Show is in town. What that means to all of us CEC's (Chief Executive Cowchicks) is it is a time to celebrate everything equestrian. All of us who are involved in the horse industry find one way or another to make sure we find time to run over the the Salem Civic Center to watch all the amazing riders showing their horses and visit with old friends. Many of these talented equestrians travel all over the country following the horse show circuit to earn points and make a living. What you will also see on the RVHS show grounds is all the horse show dogs who travel with their owners on the circuit. The following photos are from this past week where you will see a mix of the fancy horse show tents, horses competing, friends hanging out on their horses, and of course the dogs casually walking around the show grounds like they don't have a care in the world. Enjoy! Lexi and Christina

These two photos were taken up on hill overlooking the RVHS showgrounds. We have had mean storms move into the area all week long.

Show grounds Chihuahau..

The show stables do a great job decorating their show tents.

R.V.H.S. Welcome Wagon (they are big fans of Nitro so as soon as they spotted him they came over to say hi and give him kisses).

I love the gates as a added special landscaping effect...very pretty.
BFF's just cruising around the show grounds...

Horse show hound...

Nitro kissing a little Corgi girl...
Driving and talking on the cell phone...such distractions!

Meadow Wood Stables. I used to keep my first horse Reiny at Meadow Wood when she was about 12. Reiny is 27 now and lives here on Bluebird Farm. Meadow Wood is just up the road from us.

I love the name of this farm "Carousel Farm" although I think they should have a couple of carousel horses on some of their tent poles (for special effects).

Amber Nolan's pretty pup.

Oh my.... so many beautifuf jumpers at this show.

This is the CrossView Farm mascot dog owned by Tabitha and Matt Thompson.

Look at the intensity in both horse and rider...

These two Jack Russels belonged to the afternoon Hunter-Jumper announcer. They were adorable!

Just chillin...

Nitro loving on our friends Willow Kerns and Rachael Sampson.

Our friend Alli Heath with CrossView Farms and her beautiful horse "Handle with Care" aka Moose. Below: I was lucky enough to get a great headshot of Moose.

Pretty boxer boy...

Here are a couple of our local barrel racers. L to R: Kristina Wray and Bailey Hatcher.

Below: Scenes from the Jack Russell races (and I use the term loosely because there was all kinds of small breed dogs running) and the American Saddlebred classes from Friday night's horse show.

 Jack Russell: "I worked really hard for this critter and I'm not giving it up!"

Saddlebred classes..

June 23, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon Pool Party - Part 3 - The Landsharks!

According to my dog Lexi she still doesn't want anything to do with the new doggie pool in the back yard but as you can see, Tallulah and Nitro are getting very comfortable with the pool. Now they run and jump it it whenever I throw a toy into the pool. Here are some additional photos of the dogs "in" the pool taken by my wonderful husband Chris. These are my two little "Landsharks" and they love summer as much as I do. Be sure to find time to play with your pets outside and enjoy every minute of these beautiful hot summer days.