November 4, 2013

Fall Photo Fun!

Lexi, Nitro, Tallulah, Bailey, and I are excited to participate in this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Special thanks goes out to our Pet Blog Hop hosts, Life With DogsTwo Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume! If you would like to read some entertaining pet blogger posts in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, just click on one of the host links above or click on the purple Pet Blogger Hop button on the right side of our homepage.

Over the last couple of weeks I have tried to get some fall photos of my dogs and some of my friends and their dogs before the colors are gone. Well now the Fall colors are fading fast so I am so glad I took the time to have some fun with my camera.

Here are just a few of my Fall photos!

 According to my dog Lexi, Fall totally ROCKS!

 Tallulah loves her front field and she loves to run loose. Such a good dog! 

 My sweet Tallulah and her ball. She loves her ball..ball...ball...ball... Did I mention she loves her ball?

 My sweet Nitro posing for another fall photo. 

Can't forget this fall photo of my horse Montana. The sun was setting and the lighting was perfect!

Our friend Sharon stopped in with her husband Ben and their wonderful dog Oliver. Bud, Nitro and Oliver had a ball playing and chasing each other. 

Oliver and Bud taking a break. 

My handsome dog Nitro...such a poser!

Four out of five of my dogs playing in their very own dog park here on Bluebird Farm. 

Fun photo shoot with the Custer Family and their dogs.

 This was the first time their big Great Dane had ever seen a horse!

My friend Rebecca came out with her beautiful family and her dogs and we had some fun taking some Fall Family photos for their family.

Deaf Rescue Dog Ali'itoa

I have been working with a deaf rescue dog down at Angels of Assisi Rescue named Ali'itoa. I taught him how to loose leash walk, sit and wait. The wait sign is very important to teach a deaf dog because it teaches them when the see the "wait" sign to freeze. This command keeps them from rushing out the door or into traffic. It also keeps them from moving when I am trying to get a good head shot. This is only his third day knowing the "wait" sign and he was so awesome!

My handsome deaf dog Bud!

 More photos of Ali'itoa

 This little sweetie is up for adoption at Angels of Assisi Rescue here in Roanoke, VA. Check the pup out, he/she smiled when I pointed the camera at him.

 Nitro downtown sporting his Ella's collar and lead!

This is my favorite fall photo of Nitro. It was taken last year but I love it so I am sharing it again! We did not have the bright fall colors this year like we did last year.

Handsome Bud. He has really filled out. The first six month here on the farm he was very skinny and he was a very picky eater. Now we crock pot chicken and veggies for our dogs and they have all filled out nicely. 

On to the cold weather. I hope you enjoy our fall photos!