September 30, 2008

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay

Bailey sleeping.....zzzzz
Did you say something......?
Bailey dreaming.....zzzzzzz
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Frontal View of the Huge Dragon Fly

Here is the frontal view
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Biggest Dragon Fly EVER!

Check out this HUGE Dragon Fly
that my Mommy took a photo of! If you double click on the picture
it should get really big! Usually I chase these kritters around the yard
but this one was a little to big for my taste.

He looks like an alien!

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September 22, 2008

Overlook Farm

My mommy went to see her best friend out of town at Overlook Farm in Purceville...all of us dogs laid around for days with nothing to's just not the same around here without my mommy spoiling us!

It does look like she had fun taking photos early one morning...this place is amazing. I hear they have a dog named Jake that lives there. I don't think she took any photos of's a shame because I hear that Jake is a "hunky" looking hound!

Enjoy my mommy's work....she loves to take pictures!

Lexi ^..^

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September 16, 2008

September 14, 2008

Here are the ponies of Bluebird Farm at night with a full moon...isn't this so cool?! The two white ponies look like ghosts under a full's almost Halloween....^..^
Enjoy! Lexi
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September 13, 2008

What a pretty Owl...she lives at Mill Mountain Zoo and she loves lots of attention. When you look closley at her face it almost looks like she has big kitty cat eyes. She looks very smart! Lexi
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Her name is "Chocolate Eclair". Isn't she adorable! She is eight weeks old and friends at my Mommy's work just got her. What a cutie! Maybe they will let her come to Bluebird Farm sometime so that we can have a can dream....Lexi
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September 10, 2008

Her name is "Faith" and she was born without front legs but her human mommy has taught her how to walk like a person. Now she travels all over the world with her mommy showing everyone "that you don't have to have a perfect body to have a perfect sole"!

I think she is amazing! Lexi

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September 8, 2008

Longest Antenna Ever!

Check out the Antenna on this grasshopper. Oh my! I went out to potty before bedtime and this is what I saw starring down on me. He is the "grasshoppernator" of all times. It is amazing what you see at night (kritters crawling all around) when you pay attention to all the sights and sounds at night.

Sweet dreams creepy crawly night creatures!

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Relaxing On The Porch in the Morning Sunshine

Well here are the girls are just relaxing on the porch in the sunshine on Sunday morning. My human mommy and daddy were sitting on the porch enjoying their Sunday morning coffee when they caught the girls hanging out on the loveseat.....see how the sunshine just bounces off their beautiful coats. My daddy uses the furminator on all of us (and we hate that thing) but it does give all of us shiny smooth coats.

Look at the royal collar around Bailey's's like she is a Dog almost expect to see some kind of olympic medal hanging on her chest.
We are treated like the Royals around here on Bluebird Farm. Happy Trails! Lexi

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