April 20, 2011

Birds Group 3 - Who Doesn't Love Robin's Egg Blue? - They Are Back! - Bailey The Bird Dog

Above: Photo of one of our House Finches building a next into my front door wreath.

My pair of House Finches built a nest in my front door wreath so I took it down before they laid any eggs because I want to use my front door and my front porch this year (last year they had babies on the front porch so we couldn't go out on the porch until all the babies were gone). I had to tear apart the little nest and I decided to leave the nesting materials so they could rebuild faster and lay thier eggs. I set the materials along my front porch railing. Well sure enough they took the twigs, horse hair, dog toy stuffing and built a new nest in our little tree in the front yard. Unfortunately that particular tree was to small and it was not a good place to build a nest. When I went to check on the nest in the afternoon, some critter had knocked it to the ground. I guess the pair will have to rebuild again. This time the nest is going into my horse hair nest collection. I have about a dozen nests and I love to collect them because they are made from the tail hairs of my beloved horses.

Below is a photo of the nest yesterday before it was knocked to the ground (the egg was broken when it fell).
Notice the white horse hair from my 27 year old Appaloosa mare inside the nest? The egg is a beautiful blue color. This particular color blue is my all time favorite color. I call it Robin's egg blue and I have this color throughout my entire house. The House Finch eggs and the American Robin eggs look exactly the same.  On a side note: Here is a photo of my last design project and as you can see, Robin's egg blue (as an accent color) is in every room! It gets even worse on the first floor of my farm house!

Who Doesn't Love Robin's Egg Blue?
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Before:  I wanted to show you what Mourning Doves should look like and how funny they look when they are bathing or cleaning thier feathers (see after photo).

After: It looks like this Mourning Dove is having a bad hair day! Look at the pretty spots under her top feathers.

 One of many House Finch's that live here on Bluebird Farm.

 Look at his red colors. The males always have the bright red colors on thier head and breast.

 This stricking little fellow is a Red Breasted Nuthatch

 The underbelly of a Red Breasted Nuthatch

They Are Back!

Here are the 2011 Canadian Geese and thier newest batch of goslings. This same pair had six little goslings last year and they didn't fly south until thier goslings were full grown. See the bottom of this post to see the young adult geese from last year.

They are such good parents. They have three ponds to go back and fourth to each day and 12 different pastures to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are three out of the six young adults from last years batch. Over the next few days I wouldn't be surprised if the other three decide to show up here and have a family reunion.

My dog bird dog Bailey watching the Canadian Geese....I'm surprised she isn't drooling in this photo!

Happy Tails! Christina, Lexi, Bailey, Nitro, and Tallulah


  1. Beautiful pics..thanks for sharing

  2. I love these pictures, very relaxing on a stressful day.

  3. It's one of my favorite colors, and I love your decor!! You have all sorts of birds visiting. Isn't it the best time of the year!?!

  4. your rooms are just gorgeous!!!!!!! All of the photos are wonderful!

  5. Just stopping by to admire your beautiful bird pictures! - Christine and Toki