March 29, 2009

Left Side Pug right side Chihuahau!

Well now I see why they call her a "Chug"!

Tallulah is really growing ...she is getting tall and she is almost as tall as me! As you can see from this photo that her left ear was still standing up (this was taken last week) but no more...they are both down now.....if was very funny to see but now a week later her ears must have grown a little longer because they both hang down like pug was fun while it lasted...she is really starting to fit in well around here. I play with her every chance I get and now we are starting to take naps together. Even our big orange dog Dakota is warming up to her. We are just one big happy family here on Bluebird Farm. All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the greatest doggie life that a dog could have ever dreamed of.....I can't imagine it getting any better then this (unless Mommy and Daddy win the Lottery and can stay home with us all the time).

Hugs and kisses (and doggie treats)!

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March 2, 2009

What a Mug!

Tallulah has learned to sit for treats and here she is in this picture hoping to get a treat....we think she might have one ear that stays up and one that stays cute is she???

We do love her!

I'm learning to play with her a little more although Dakota still wants nothing to do with her...we are all hoping that Dakota warms up to her because she really is a sweet heart (although you didn't hear that from me)

Enjoy the photos!


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More Photos of Tallulah

Here I am with my little sister....she does look like my daughter but she is waaay more annoying.

She comes at me growling and barking until she pushes me to the edge and I have to snap at her until she backs off.

Here is Tallulah and Bailey taking a nap together - they love each other and Bailey has the patience of a Doggie Saint!

Bailey dreaming!
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