July 17, 2008

Happy Trails little birdies!

Speaking of birds, this is a photo of our baby birds right before they took flight. My mommy has opened up the porch again so us dogs get to lounge around on the whole porch. I think they are still sticking close to their nest because I did see both of them perched on one of the porch columns last night. The birds love it here...my mommy has a big bird bath and three feeder on and around the porch. It gives us dogs something to look at. They seem to really like the attention. Happy Trails little birdies! Lexi
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New Neighbors on Bluebird Lane!

Not only do we have new baby birds hatching everywhere on Bluebird Lane but we also have this Mommy Duck and her six baby ducklings. Two weeks ago they where very small and as you can see they are almost as big as their Mommy. Anyone for Duck La Orange...just kidding! You can't blame me...I am a dog after all! They are very cute....LexiPosted by Picasa

July 6, 2008

Me and Bailey relaxing.

Yes, sometimes it is a dogs life. Here is Bailey and I sharing...yes sharing the couch! Do we have it made or what? My Mommy says we all won the "dog lottery" whatever that means. I think she means that we are very lucky dogs. How about all you dogs out there? Any photos of you winning the "dog lottery"? We would love to see other brothers and sisters out there enjoying the good life.

I'm starting to get very sleepy...I think I need to go now....ZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz...
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Here is Bailey this morning just relaxing on in the sunroom on the couch. She has to take a nap as soon as she is done with her breakfast. As you can see she has a very good life. Not bad for a mutt!

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The Stork is coming!

The Stork is coming! This morning when I was roaming around on the porch there was a certain poultry smell in the air and sure enough I found these eggs on the front porch in one of our plants. We are very excited here on Bluebird Farm to have new arrivals. As you can see two babies have hatched. The only bad thing about the Stork coming is my mommy has sectioned off the part of the porch so us dogs can't go near the nest. I just sit here and watch the Moma bird feed her babies....and boy are they noisy when they are hungry! This will be our third arrival so far this year! I guess that's why this place is called Bluebird Farm!

Happy Trails!


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