July 27, 2010

Here are the baby Goslings all grown up!

Here is the same family of Canadian Geese but now they are all grown up! The mom and dad of the flock still stay with one in front and one in back of the flock to keep them safe. They were eatting all the long grass in my front field the other day.
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Lots of Babies!

Here are the baby Goslings a few months ago....
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The Many Birds of Bluebird Lane

Did you know the birds on Bluebird Farm are way beyond spoiled? Yes when those bird feeders get low they actually "click" on the windows with those cute little beaks and are like... "hey...what's up in there? We want or dinner....hey....can you hear us?"

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Look At the Size of That Bullfrog!

Check out our neighborhood Blue Heron trying to hang onto this big fat bullfrog. Then he flys away with the bullfrog in his mouth!
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Some of the Birds on Bluebird Farm

We love our birds so much and we have had so many babies this year. Here are some of our photos from Bluebird Farm.
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Secret Sweet Hearts!

Look at these two rubbing and scratching each other. They had no idea that someone was taking their photo. Usually they act like they don't like each other...now we all know the truth.

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What A Cute Tail!

I love Tallulah's tail. When she is happy it is all curley and when she is tired it goes flat!

Super dog Tallulah...man can she jump!
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My little fetcher!

This is Tallulah and this is Tallulah fetching.


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