June 19, 2012

Heading to Blog Paws in SLC Utah!

It is crazy around here and I don't have much time because I am flying out to go to Blog Paws Pet Blogging Conference being held in Salt Lake City Utah. I don't have a lot of time between packing and getting ready to leave so I wanted to at least share some new photos I took last week at the Salem Rotary Dog Park. 

It's on to Blog Paws or BUST! Have a great week!  Christina, Lexi, Tallulah, Nitro and Bailey

 My deaf dog Nitro playing with his buddy Goober.


 One of Nitro's many girlfriends this is Trixie.

 She is just a DOLL!

 Our friend Cherri giving Nitro some lovin...

 Goober also got some smooches from Cherri...

 Nitro and Goober just chillin.

 This is Ben. He is a collie-shepherd mix and Nitro, Ben and Goober have a ball together.

 Goober cheers Nitro on when he plays with Ben and when Ben gets to rough Goober helps Nitro out.

 See what I mean..Goober is a good buddy. He always has Nitro's back.

 This is a perfect example of Goober helping out!

 This is Marine. Marine is a service dog and he is AWESOME!

 Nitro, Marine and the little red terrier is Petey.

 Petey is so handsome!

 This is Nitro's good friend Ozzi. Ozzi is so much fun and so photogenic.

 Nitro looks a little tired in this photo.

 I love Petey's red hair...

 Petey playing with Loki...

 I think we need a smaller bucket for Petey.

 Nitro plays well with all dogs and he is gentle when he plays with little dogs like Petey.

 Catching a little air...

 Look how tough Petey looks in this picture..


 Look at Nitro's face...it's like he is thinking "oh crap this little guy is a Tazzmanian Devil"...

 When they get to hot they move their playing to the cool cement tunnel.

Have a great week! 

June 8, 2012

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop - Woofstock 2012

Lexi, Nitro, Tallulah, Bailey, and I are excited to participate in this weeks Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Special Thanks goes out to our Pet Blog Hop hosts, Life With DogsTwo Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume! If you would like to read some entertaining pet blogger posts in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, just click on one of the host links above or click on the badge to the right with the animals circling the Earth that reads The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Happy Hopping!      

Nitro, Chris and I had a blast at our local dog festival called Woofstock here in Roanoke Virginia this past weekend. Our friends Waynette and Elliot from Sponsor Hounds hosted a great Woofstock this year and our website deafdogsrock.com was honored to be part of their line-up. We hosted a "Dog Celebrity" tent so folks could meet Larry and Harley Groah the Biker Dog, Kickin, Zoe and Kristin of Dogs Rock Blog and Nitro of Deaf Dogs Rock blog.

We had a blast and saw a lot of our rescue friends and got to  hang out with some of Nitro's best buddies from the Salem Rotary Dog Park. We also had Evan a beautiful 9 month old deaf white boxer mix puppy from the RVSPCA to let folks know that deaf puppy Evan was available for adoption.

Here are some photos from our time at Woofstock. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Thanks for "hopping" by The World According To Lexi. Have a great weekend! xoxoxo Christina, Lexi, Nitro, Bailey and Tallulah

Here is our DeafDogsRock.com tent at Woofstock. The weather was perfect at 72 degrees. It was wonderful having my sweet husband Chris there because he hung out with our deaf dog Nitro which freed me up to talk to people and educate them about how wonderful deaf dogs can be. Our purpose for setting up at Woofstock was to promote our website where we offer deaf dogs up for adoption, deaf dog training tips and resources. We also wanted to introduce them to our deaf dog Nitro so they can see  how wonderful a deaf dog is and can be. We also really wanted to highlight local dog celebrities because these are the folks on the front line when it comes to rescue and getting the word out via social media when it comes to getting help with transport and rescues.

(Photo: L to R) Our friend Cheri and her husband Brian with their two boxer boys Ozzy and Loki, Larry and Harley the Biker Dog and Karen with Evan from the RVSPCA. Karen was a huge help with Evan. She volunteered to look after and keep Evan entertained for us so the general public could meet  him. Karen also entered Evan in the Costume contest and won second place with Evan wearing a Deaf Dogs Rock T-Shirt!

Such a "Happy Pack"...
This is our friend Ashley with her beautiful sweet dog Juno. Ashley helps us often with volunteering to foster deaf puppies through Angels of Assisi Roanoke when we are in need. She and Juno totally ROCK!

Juno getting mommy kisses...

Nitro and his Daddy meeting new dogs at the Deaf Dogs Rock tent. He and his daddy had so much fun!

Nitro was such a patient and good boy. He would even sit down every time a child entered the tent without being told to do so. I was a proud Moma!

Cherri, Karen and Brian entertaining the three Boxketeers!

 Larry and Harley the Biker Dog hanging out with our friend Karen and deaf puppy Evan. Isn't Harley the cutest and coolest little dude you have ever seen? 

Check out our friend Charlotte with Larry and Harley the Biker Dog. Thanks Charlotte for coming by and hanging out with us. Charlotte took lots of great photos and she always shares them with us. You Rock Charlotte. This photo was taken by one of Charlotte's friends. Such a great photo!

I was very fortunate to get this shot. This is Wendy's dog Tallulah Jane. When I went up to say hi to Tallulah Jane in my high pitched doggy voice she flashed me her million dollar smile just as I clicked the button. This is one of my favorite photos of all times. Good girl Tallulah Jane!

Look at these two adorable little Divas. They didn't even have to walk at Woofstock because their moma pushed them everywhere in their doggy carriage.

This is handsome Ozzy one of Nitro's best buddies in the whole wide world!

This was me signing to Nitro and he is very focused on me in this shot (which means I probably had a treat in my hand).

This is sweet funny Evan. Evan is a 9 month old deaf boxer mix puppy and by far one of the smartest pups I have ever met. I was signing to him and he figured the signs out at record speed. So much so that when I went back to the RVSPCA on Thursday to work with him he remembered all of the signs we worked on at Woofstock on Saturday. Scary smart dog! I hope Evan gets adopted this week. There have been several people who have sent me messages asking about him this week.Paws crossed!

With the weather being so perfect at 72 degrees and a light breeze it seemed like everyone in town was at Woofstock with their dogs in tow.

Graeme Anderson (Waynette's husband) working at the Woofstock T-Shirt tent. 

Kickin and Zoe of Dogs Rock Blog were hanging out with the hounds. 

See....I told you Evan is a cutie pie!

The dog on the left looks like one of Kickin's siblings (Kickin is on the right).

Zoe  is so photogenic. She reminds me a a beautiful little doe laying in the woods.

Zoe looks amazing with a little leopard print added on top of her brindle coat.

We've missed seeing Kristin with Dogs Rock Blog this year so we were just thrilled when she said she could join us with Kickin and Zoe for the day. Thanks Kristin! According to my deaf dog Nitro and I, you, Kickin and Zoe totally ROCK!

Kristin, Kickin and Zoe of Dogs Rock Blog getting their photo taken in front of the new graphics on our Deaf Dogs Rock transport vehicle.

The Sign Factory here in Roanoke, VA did a great job making our transport vehicle into a billboard on wheels. 

A big shout out to Larry Groah and his Biker Dog Harley Groah for driving all the way to Roanoke from Waynesboro, VA to be our celebrities at our Celebrity Dog Tent. Larry and Harley totally ROCK!

This is one great looking "pack of hounds" if I do say so myself. 

I love this photo with Kickin's ears up and Zoe's ears down. 

This Chinese Crested dog was one of my favorite little Rockers at Woofstock this year.

Watch out Tommy Lee!

Here is a photo of Larry, Harley the Biker Dog, Kristin Guffey of Dogs Rock Blog, Waynette with Sponsor Hounds and I. I love this photo! We all look so happy and we were!

Ashley and Juno relaxing just before they take the stage for the Woofstock Costume Contest.

Kickin getting some attention from Sarah over at the Star City Greyhound tent. 

Elliot with Sponsor Hounds hosting the Dobson Pest Control Costume Contest.

Karen with Evan. Evan was Rocking the Deaf Dogs Rock T-shirt. So much so, he placed second in the competition!

The lady who  had the Pugs and Frenchies in the costume contest did a great job making her dog's costumes. They came in first place.

So cute!

Karen and Evan Rocking the Deaf Dogs Rock Doggy T-shirt!

Have you ever seen a blue Standard Poodle or in this case a Turquoise Poodle? This is Gwenavear. Isn't she just beautiful? I love her nails!

Nitro was very tired when we got home from Woofstock. Here is what he did the rest of the evening...

 This photo cracks me up because he looks totally wasted.

One final word from Tallulah Jane....