April 11, 2011

The Birds of Bluebird Farm

Lexi and I are so honored to be featured on Pet Blogs United this week! To celebrate we decided to bring some of Bluebird Farm to all of you!

Since it is spring and the dogs and I are all about enjoying the birds here at Bluebird Farm, I decided I would share a series of photos called "The Birds Of Bluebird Farm" with some of our favorite bird shots.

Below is group 1:

 We have lots of Eastern Bluebirds here at Bluebird Farm!

We put up two Bluebird houses right outside my office window so every once in a while Lexi and I spot one of the birds going in to feed thier young. I think I got lucky with this mid-flight shot.

 We have several pairs of Mourning Doves

We have a pair of Canadian Geese that come to Bluebird Farm every year to have their baby goslings. They are here again this year and have their nest in the exact same place as last year. Right now they are laying eggs but it won't be long now until we see this sweet little ones again.

This is a House Finch. We have a whole family of house finches that have hatched right here on my front porch for the last three years in a row. Yesterday I took their nest down because they built it on the flower wreath on my front door. I really want to use my front porch this spring so I am keeping them from building nests anywhere on the front porch this year.

 These are House Finch eggs. Notice the beautiful soft white nest made out of my 27 year old white Appalossa's tail hairs and stuffing from the destuffed dog toys in the back yard.

 Baby House Finch chicks hatching - they built their nest in one of my hanging porch candle lanterns.
 House Finch chicks wide awake and hungry!

 Canadian Geese and their young goslings munching on grass in the front pasture.

 Bluebird Farm has so many Hummingbirds flying around the Hummingbird feeders on the front porch sometimes it feels the fighter planes from World War II. They dive bomb each other because they are so territorial.

 They are so pretty and I love the fluttering sound they make.

 Photo from last spring of my House Finches feeding their little ones.
Tallulah outside watching all the birdies....


  1. We love all the birds too. Love the hummingbirds whizzing sound as they fly by my head. I've only seen one bluebird so far this spring and that was just a couple of days ago. We have more cardinals than any other bird it seems.


  2. Oh we love those birdies, but we have a problem with those Canadian Geese. All they do is eat, poo, and make little geese, and they certainly poo a lot. No thanks you, have enough of that in my life

  3. Your photos are stunning. I can't believe the pictures of the house finch nest.

  4. Wow these pictures are amazing, one after another, all pawsome!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. I agree with Oskar - amazing pics all of them. I love the nest pics. I often wonder if my locla birds get to the dog fur that I brush out of my pups as they blow their coats. Now I know :)

  6. Christina!! I love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing the gifts of nature that surround you. Beautiful.