December 14, 2008

Bailey Sleeping With Her Santa Clause

Doesn't this look like a Christmas postcard? Here is Bailey enjoying the heat of the fireplace and sleeping with her little Santa Doll....she loves Santa dolls!

Merry Christmas!

Lexi (Santa I'm the nice dog and Bailey is the naughty dog)
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Santa's Little Reindeer Is All Worn Out!

Look at little Bailey here in her reindeer gear....she looks like she has been helping Santa fly around the globe...poor's a lot of work being a dog around this farm (just choosing which couch your going to sleep on is a chore!).

Life is good on Bluebird Farm!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,

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December 3, 2008

We finally got a close up of Big Blue!

My mommy finally got a closer look at "Big Blue"! Isn't he awesome...he was hanging out with the Geese and the little white duckling!

Very cool!


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Who Knew?

This little white duck has joined our flock of Canadian Geese....who knew that they would adopt her and she would follow them everywhere. How sweet!


PS: Double click to enlarge to see the ducky up close...
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