April 6, 2011

Boys....Welcome To Wonderful Wednesday!

Since I haven't featured the horses on our farm in a while and it is a cold rainy day, I thought you might all enjoy how our horses enjoy the rain. Some days I wonder if they are part of the "pork family" if you know what I mean. Boys!
 Our youngest Appaloosa gelding Montana right after a fresh roll in the mud (such a little piggy)

 Montana after a fresh roll in the muddy water with Skippy in the background thinking about doing the same thing..boys!

Montana watching our sparkeling clean white mare Reiny walking away from him in complete disgust. Notice how pretty white and clean she is while walks up the hill to eat....boys.

Montana looking at me as if he is saying  "was it something I said?" Boys...

Skippy after his fresh roll in the muddy water. They figure if the clean mare refuses to have any thing to do with them, they might as well keep each other company..right?  Boys....

Our front pasture after a heavy rain storm...everything is turning so green!

Even though Montana is covered in mud in this shot it is such a beautiful shot in black and white. What do you all think? Boys.....can't live with them...and we can't live without them. Boys...


  1. Nice! Love the mountain settings around your property. Which county are you in?

  2. I would roll in the mud just like those boys did!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Ha ha! I had a white mare growing up who liked to roll in the mud and stand under the mulberry tree. It's a wonder you could ever tell she was white!

  4. Handsome! (Even covered in mud.)

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