January 10, 2010

Playing in the Snow!

Here are our two crazy ponies playing in the snow. They had so much fun after the storm but now I think they are over it and have had enough snow for now.
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Blue Jay in the Snow

Here is another one of our neighborhood critters...he is loud and annoying!


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Pretty Birdies!

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Mourning Doves

Can you tell my mommy likes to take photos of the birds (I personally would love to eat one). This was taken right after the big snow storm of 2009 (Dec 18, 2009).
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Close Up!

Here is a real close up of Tallulah...isn't she the cutest ever?????
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Skippy Being Silly!

Here is our 10 year old Quarter Horse Skippy acting silly. I know you probably think my daddy threw a snowball at him (and maybe he should have considering he is standing there sticking his tongue out and making faces at my daddy) but really he just got done rolling in the snow!
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Bailey in the snow!

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Our beautiful Montana

Here is our seven year Appaloosa Montana playing out in the snow after the big snow storm of 2009.
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Another Bird!

Here is a little woodpecker eating some grub in the cold winter weather!
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The Wild LIfe in the Neighborhood are Enjoying the New Bird Feeder!

My mommy got a new camera with a big zoom lens on it so she has been taking photos of all the wild life on the new bird feeder. Bailey and I just wan to chase them and eat them but my mommy say we can't otherwise there won't be any animals for her to photograph...bummer!

xoxox Lexi
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My little Santa Helpers!

Here is Tallulah in
her Chrismas dress
(helping us open presents)
while her and Bailey
enjoy the holidays
at Bluebird Farm.