February 16, 2009

Look at the Little Devil Dog!

Well, now that the two girls are more comfortable with each other (and my Mommy has taught Bailey to lay down and be gentle when it comes to Tallulah) all they do now is play. That little dog is bossy and very vocal....I think she is a spoiled brat but I really have no room to talk so enjoy the photos.....Love Lexi

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Taking a Nap Together

Look at these two sweet girls...Bailey is so in love with Tallulah she just wants to be near her at all times...very sweet. I could take her or leave her myself.

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February 10, 2009

Tallulah and Bailey

Here is a great shot of Tallulah hanging out with Bailey....they play non-stop! Bailey lays down and is very gentle with the pup.

Here she is napping.....she is pretty cute!
She looks just like ET in these photos (anyone remember the closet scene in ET when ET blended in with all the stuffed animals in the closet and the Mommy never even saw ET in the closet).
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More Baby Photos!

Well here are more photos of the baby "Tallulah". As you can see for yourself she is totally spoiled and she is taking a lot of my Mommy and Daddy's attention.

What a little muffin!
In this photo you can see how much she looks like me with her brindle coloring. She could pass for one of my own pups.
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February 6, 2009

What a Little Muffin!

Well my new little sister is getting spoiled rotten! My Mommy went out and bought two designer sweaters for her today! What a brat!

I'm starting to play with her a bit (I'm still a little leary) but she is very cute (especially her brindle color).

Dakota and Bailey still don't know what to make of her....I think they think she is a hamster or ferret or something like that.

Tallulah is very entertaining. She hops like a bunny and even growls! When she gets tired she just drops and goes right to sleep.

It is amazing that she has been here for four days and has not had even one accident (I think she has my record beat)...she actually crys when she has to go potty!
Enjoy the photos of little Tallulah!


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February 4, 2009

This is my new baby sister Tallulah!

This is my new baby sister Tallulah...she is so tiny! She only weights 2.2 pounds...we are not sure about her yet so me and the girls are sitting back and watching her (and trying to decide if she is a Hampster or a puppy). We will see!

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February 1, 2009

Lazy Weekends at Bluebird Farm!

Well, as many of you know...my Mommy and Daddy work very hard during the week so they make it a rule that on the weekends it's time to relax.
Here is Dakota and Bailey doing what they do best....lounging around....don't you just want to join them?

I love being lazy on the weekends.....I hope you all take time to "smell the roses".

Happy Super Bowl Day!


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