July 27, 2015

Our Heart Dog - Lexi Lee - 2000-2015

It is with a heavy heart I share the news with all of you that our sweet dog Lexi died last week after she suffered a heart attack. We will miss her so much and we loved her with all of our hearts. All of our five other dogs totally adored her and I know they are missing her now.

My husband and all of his students at Roanoke College will be missing the "Math Dept" mascot. From 8 weeks of age Lexi got to go to work with her daddy at Roanoke College. She was the official mascot of the Math Department. Lexi also had a second "work mommy" Laura at work who I know is just heart broken because she did not get to say goodbye and she loved Lexi as if she was her own.

We will miss my beautiful girl. She leaves behind her mommy and daddy Chris and Christina Lee. She also leaves behind her fur brothers and sisters. Deaf dogs Nitro and Bud. Bailey, Tallulah and Pepe are heartbroken their little girl is gone. We love you Lexi girl and pray we will all be together again some day in the future. God willing...