April 4, 2011

Photo of The Week 3-7-2011 (What lurks in the shadows?)

I love the composition of this photo because Lexi does keep her distance from Nitro mainly because he is a puppy (he is big, not very graceful and he wants to chew on her) and she wants nothing to do with a puppy. Anyway as you can see she is always keeping an eye on where he is. In this shot she is laying on the back of the couch taking in the sunshine from the nearby window. Don't you just love how her shadow kind of creeps up on him from the floor? It turned out really cool if I do say so myself. Happy Tails!


  1. Personally still prefer to see your photos without any effects done :)

  2. The photo turned out well, but the shadow is a bit creepy. I also prefer photos without much effects to them, but this one looks great like this. The white is brighter and all the shapes are better defined.

  3. Thanks ladies, I decided to put up the one without effects...I'm an effects junky as you can see but I know not everyone likes them as much as I do. Thanks so much for always checking us out! Christina and Lexi
    PS: You are right about the shadow. It is creepy that is why I had the title "What lurks in the shadows" it comes from an old TV thriller and comic book series...creepy (but of course Lexi doesn't really have a creepy bone in her body). Happy Tails!