April 29, 2011

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop 4-30-2011 - It Was Such A Beautiful Day On Bluebird Farm Today - Time to Mow And Play!

Lexi, Nitro, Tallulah, Bailey and I are excited to participate in this week's Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Special thanks goes out to our Pet Blog Hop hosts, Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume!

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Since we've had so many storms with lots of rain this week, it was time for my husband to mow all the pastures and time for me to watch the dogs play in the back yard. Nitro got to run wild today with no supervision (he broke his toe and for eight weeks he was attached to me but this weekend he finally was allowed off leash). I was worried about Nitro being to rough with the other dogs since he hadn't played much in eight weeks plus the fact he had gotten so big. I also had major concerns about Nitro playing with Tallulah because she is only eight pounds. Bailey was another matter all together. I thought she might get in a scuffle with Nitro if he was to "in her face" with his barking.  But after a few hours of roughhousing, they all seemed to play together nicely and in fact they collapsed on the outside lounger (together) which made all my fears vanish into thin air.

Below are some fun photos taken today on Bluebird Farm.
Not only was my husband Chris mowing but also the neighbors were out mowing across the road (notice the two orance dots in the back ground).

I got a chance to plant some flowers yesterday and get my hanging baskets done. Here is a photo looking out my side porch door towards the front pasture.

Whenever Nitro plays with my pughuahua Tallulah he "stalks" her. He gets low to the ground and goes very slowly and then pounces on her. Some day soon I will get a video of them stalking each other. It is so cute to watch them acting like lions after wild prey.


 Oh no you didn't....

 I think something came loose....silly Tallulah!

Tag! You're it!

Notice the grass finally coming in all over the back yard? Six weeks ago this back yard was nothing but a mud pit!

 Taking a little break....

Could Tallulah be more perfect? Okay, I know I am biased when it comes to Tallulah but really, don't you think she is perfect?


 So sweet...

 In this shot I imagine Tallulah saying "I love you man!"

 My little "she devil"....

 Bailey putting up with her little brother Nitro (she is an angel to put up with his crazy antics).

Now it's Nitro's turn...."I love you man"....

 Just chilling....

Check out those big floopy wabbit ears...

Happy Hopping!

Lexi and Nitro


  1. Wow, it looks like a fantastic day! What fun.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Hey Christina! Love your blog :) Your farm is beautiful and all your dogs are absolutely adorable :)
    ~Sarah Hinds~

  3. Sun makes everything better. Great pics!


  4. Stopping by for the first time on the pet blog hop :) Looks beautiful! Murphy is quite jealous of the large play area.

    Kira and Murph

  5. What a great place to romp and run! I loved the photo of Tallulah and Nitro together. Tallulah is adorable!

  6. Hi, Sam here from the blog hop.
    What a great romp and what a great yard to romp in!
    Tail Wags

  7. GREAT PICS...Tallulah has the cutest FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cracking up at Nitro!!!!

  8. great photos of all your babies. I can never get good photos of my dogs, they move sooo fast.

  9. Tallulah is perfecto, and I love how she gets right in the mix with Nitro. Eight pounds of spunk, I think!