April 16, 2013

Spring Walk

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Right now I am writing for four blogs and things are getting crazy busy.

Anyway I wanted to share some fun photos of Nitro, Bud and I taking a walk in the beautiful Spring weather!

 To the right of Nitro's left ear (on the right side of this photo) you will see a dark spot by the water. That is a mama Canadian Goose playing dead on her nest so we can't see her.

 Here is a close up of the mama goose playing dead.

 Neighbors pony...

My deaf dog Bud. He is such a character.

Nitro enjoying the early morning sunshine. Look at those Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

 Such good boys...

 We ran across the biggest snapping turtle I had ever seen. His shell was around 14" - 16"!!!

 My boot is 12 inches in length. I wanted for friends to have a perspective of this bad boy's size but instead it looks like he ate a cowgirl! From his size he could be 70 to 100 years old!

Photo bomb!