April 10, 2011

Photo Of The Week 4-11-2011

This is Sam. Isn't he just so handsome? Sam belongs to my beautiful niece Tashia Audino and her husband-to-be Jean bapiste LeConte (JB). They live on the west coast and adopted Sam a few weeks ago. Tashia stated that J.B. is already totally smitten with this adorable puppy. Sam is a mix between a Boxer and German Shpherd.

This is Enzo. I think Enzo looks like a perfect angel in this photo. Thanks Pam for sharing him with us! Enzo belongs to Pam and Frank Martin from Roanoke Virginia. Enzo certainly looks like he leads a life of leisure. Enzo is a Dachshund. Did you know the breed Dachshund originated from Germany?