April 22, 2011

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop 4-23-2011 - Time To Celebrate Nitro's Full Recover - Time for Turquoise!

Lexi, Nitro and I are excited to participate in this week's Saturday Pet Blogger Hop. Special thanks goes out to our Pet Blog Hop hosts, Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume!

Nitro My little Blue Bunny Wabbit!

I can honestly say it's been a hard road for Nitro and I. Eight weeks ago he broke his toe (at the age of six months) and this week was his first week off leash. What that means to us is we both gained our freedom back. I think this particular situation has taught Nitro and I a lot about patience. I also feel having a six month old deaf boxer attached to me 24/7 for eight weeks is not my idea of fun and I know it's been challenging for Nitro. At the end of eight weeks we were physically and mentally exhausted. In the mean time, we kept up with his training for his CGC certification and we made it through three weeks of trick's class. To celebrate this new found freedom I actually got some projects done around Bluebird Farm. My first project was to paint my old antique wicker porch furniture turquoise. I was so excited that I rushed out and purchased six cans of  turquoise spray paint at Lowes.

It is amazing what a farm girl can do with six cans of turquoise spray paint (and no dog attached to her every move). The photo above and the following photos are of my finished porch furniture project. I absolutely love this color. I purchased this wicker furniture for $ 30 at a yard sale about six years ago. With the new paint job this wicker set looks brand new (in an antique sort of way).

I also decided to paint my old antique bench to match the wicker set. I think the whole project turned out perfectly.

Here is a photo of Nitro hanging out on the porch enjoying his new found freedom. One week after I painted the porch furniture the funniest thing happened. You know those stinky old stink bugs we all hate because they never go away? Well, guess what? I am sitting out on the porch with Nitro and right before my eyes I spot a turquoise stink bug crawling across the porch. I laughed so hard because what I was seeing for the first time in my life was a turquoise stink bug or as I call him a Turquomopha halys or the turquoise marmorated stink bug (see Halyomorpha halys - brown marmorated stink bug). I think I have found a new species! Do you suppose there is some grant money somewhere to do research on this new stink bug species?

 It looks as though I painted over his eyes. What a funny looking little fellow!

Here he is in my hand and it looks like he is shaking his tiny little fist at me saying something like "See what you did to me? I will get you back my pretty!"

 I felt sorry for him so I ended up setting him in my flower arrangement so he could eat and drink (kind of crazy right?).

I threw this photo in because the first day Nitro was off leash he had a crazed look in his eye. See what I mean?

I'm getting ready for the The Pet Expo 2011 at the Roanoke Civic Center and I am putting together twenty or so necklaces to sell to dog/cat/horse lovers. The above photo is my dog necklace with a photo in the frame of my pughuahua Tallulah. The pet necklaces that I will be offering at the Pet Expo will all have a nice photo frame hanging from them and each necklace is different.  I like to layer my necklaces with silver and turquoise colors (as you can see from this photo). I will also have some stretch canvas prints for sale of my dog and horse photography.

This is my Blue Bunny! Below are photos of Nitro in his turquoise bunny ears. He looks like a very tired bunny wabbit!

 So tired.....

 Sweet dreams Nitro...

The turquoise blue bunny ears bring out the color blue in his right eye don't you think?
Time for the Easter Bunny to come and get his ears back!

Happy Tails! Lexi, Nitro, Tallulah, Bailey and Christina


  1. What a colorful post! Luv what you did with the wicker. We are going crazy with Retro Green! Nothing like fresh paint to make everything new :)


  2. Great photos. Stopped over from the Blog Hop.

    I thought Nitro was staring at the spot of sunshine....turns out it is a stink bug :)

  3. Glad Nitro is getting better. Love the turquoise! Love your photos too.
    Just hopping by!

    Your pal,

  4. Beautiful and peaceful!

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Minnie and Mack

  5. Let me know if you run low on stink bugs to paint.... I'll send you some free of charge!

    Your turquoise furniture really turned out nice... I'm a turquoise gal too!

    Happy Easter to all at Bluebird Farm.

  6. This post gave me so many reasons to smile, and I needed that. I'm so glad Nitro is healed, and both of you are enjoying much needed freedom. I would imagine the ordeal was trying, but also helped to bond you even closer together.

    He really knows how to rock those bunny ears, and that turquoise stink bug cracked me up. I'm SO not a fan of those creatures, but he's almost cute in that shade. Your wicker furniture looks amazing! I wonder if there's an unpainted stink bug outline somewhere on one of them. ;)

    Please don't let me miss that Pet Expo! I'm loving your jewelry already. So many talents! I hope you all enjoy the weekend. Thanks for your thoughts during our difficult time. I'm so glad the sun is supposed to shine this weekend. That will help. xo

  7. What a cute dog and a beautiful porch - everything you did make it look so special.

    I'm stopping by on the blog hop today to say hi! I'm www.pet-peeves.org and I'm hosting a HOWL Heard Around the World vigil on my blog today. Stop by and give the huskies a hug.

  8. Hi! I'm here from the blog hop and I just wanted to say Nitro looks gorgeous in his Blue ears! Mommy likes what you did to your porch!
    Tail Wags

  9. Nitro is such a sweetie!! I love what you did with the wicker furniture. What a find!!

  10. Gorgeous porch! Looks like something I would see in a magazine - love turquoise! Nitro pretty dang cute too!

  11. OOohhh you pictures are just gorgeous! <3 So colorful and lively ... my favs!!!


    Please tell Lexi and her fabulous crew to visit Phoebe (the mutt) over at http://humantrainingfordogs.blogspot.com/ ... I just started a blog for my insane-adorable-snuggly-hyper dog. And read her story on how i got her ... its kinda cool ;)

  12. Wonderful pics! I love the blue on that porch oasis...I suddenly felt like a glass of sweet tea! Nitro is a stunning kiddo - blue ears and all :)

  13. such a pretty post and amazing pictures..
    came upon u from the blog hop!
    keep blogging and hugs to u all and nitro!

    Richa @ Find me a Happy Pet