March 2, 2011

Wonderful Relaxing Wednesday!

Here on Bluebird Farm it is a pretty laid back relaxing place especially if you are a horse or dog on the farm. Here are some "over the hump day" relaxing photos of our dogs just "chillin" on the farm.

 Bailey "chillin" on the couch. She was banned from the couch for six months after getting into a tiff with Lexi and she has been a perfect angel ever since so now she gets her "couch privilages" back.

 My perfect Tallulah....oh my!

 This really is "The World According To Lexi"...we are all just mere props in her little world...ahhh...

Nitro...what a life!


  1. Love Nitro's mushy little lips and jowls. I mess with Rowdy's all the time cuz they're just so soft and cute. :-)


  2. I was just getting caught up on your recent excitement with Nitro! I remember trying to keep Lucy from running, jumping or playing after she was spayed. Yeah, how do you keep a 6 month old boxer puppy still? They never tell you that at the vets office. That's one thing about a boxer, they always seem to be getting into some kind of predicament.