March 16, 2011

Wonderful Wildlife Wednesday!

We have lots of Bluebirds here on Bluebird Farm but we have even more House Finches here on the farm. The Finches love to build nests all around the front porch and in the front yard. The above photos are from last spring. Last year they constructed a nest out of my dear sweet 27 year old white mare's tail hairs. They added a little stuffing from the dogs (de-stuffed) toys from the back yard and whaaalaaa...a soft cushy nest for the little ones. I collect horse hair nests from around the farm (the ones they don't use). Doesn't this Wonderful Wildlife Wednesday Photo collage remind you of Easter? Have a Wonderful Wildlife Wednesday! Lexi and Christina


  1. I love tiny baby birds.. they are the cutest. spring is almost here.

  2. yes these photos DO remind me of Easter and of the impending arrival of SPRING!!!!! Thanks for sharing, these were just adorable!

  3. What great photo's.

    We are going to BlogPaws, too, we should meet up!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. This is soooo sweet! We get a few bluebirds but have not seen any nests.


  5. Isn't that neat! I love springtime!!