March 18, 2011

Tallulah And Her Frog Puppet

Lexi and I are very excited to participate in this week's Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! A big shout out to our Blog Hop hosts, Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume

According to my dog Lexi, our hosts totally ROCK!

Dog Toy Puppets!
Nitro and I were at Petsmart the other day and I decided to buy a frog puppet for the dogs. They get very excited when they see a puppet because they think it is a real animal. Here are some photos of Tallulah seeing the frog puppet for the first time. First she plays cool like she isn't interested and then POW! She attacks the frog with every bit of energy she has in her little body. She is such a little warrior! Enjoy the photos!

If you haven't gotten your pups a dog toy puppet, you should try one. They are awesome and the dogs have so much fun with the toy being so interactive (even though it is your hand instead of some battery operated toy). Here are some of the other puppet options at Petsmart:

Click here to order your pup a dog toy puppet

PS: I don't get paid for this endorsement - no one at Petsmart has ever heard of me or my blog.

UPDATE: We went back to Petsmart today and got the Dog Toy Bee Puppet. The dogs went crazy over that darn thing. So much so that all the photos I took were blurry because they were playing tug of war. I did manage to get one with the big Bee going for Lexi's throat and then I added a couple later in the afternoon. Lexi is still a little blurred but the bee is in focus...Enjoy!
Look at Lexi's face...she is looking at me thinking "Really, you call this playing...Help!"

 Remember SNL "I crush your head" skits? This time it is like the puppets saying: "Tallulah we crush your body!"

The Puppets: "Nitro, we crush your head!"


  1. Those look like lots of fun!! Tallulah is so cute! I hope Nitro is doing well. Hugs, and happy weekend to all of you!

  2. Great ideas here in your blog. I'm dropping by the blog hop this morning. And, great pics!