March 16, 2011

Let's celebrate by supporting "paws for Japan" - How You Can Help Paws For Japan

Since it is Saint Patrick's Day I thought I would celebrate with photos of my little Tallulah here in her "one lucky pup" T-shirt my dear friend Leslie gave us a while back. Doesn't she look like a little Irish Pughuahua?

Paws for Japan

So many folks have been sending me emails asking how they can help save the animals in Japan.
I’ve joined Blog Paws Be the Change in declaring Thursday, March 17th “Paws for Japan” Day. We will be raising awareness of the World Vets effort and encouraging people to donate to their vital work.

Please consider shelving the green beer, just this once, and spend the day with your fellow pet bloggers getting the word out. I’m just one voice out there, but there are so many of you with so very much collective power in your voices- we need your help!

To Donate Now click here

For a look at World Vets homepage and updates click here

Other ways you can help and participate:

How to Participate

1. Grab the badge(s).

2. On March 17th, post, tweet, or share on Facebook about the World Vets effort for animal relief in Japan Be as creative as you wish in promoting the cause!

3. We will create a blog hop using Linky Tools. Please add your blog link.

4. If you are a retailer and would like to donate a portion of your profits that day to World Vets relief effort, let me know and I will share that on Thursday. As always, giveaways are also a great way to support the cause.

Can we count on you? Have a great idea to add to get people to participate? Please share! I can’t think of anything I have done this past year that is more important than this effort

Thanks so much! Lexi, Tallulah, Nitro, Bailey, Montana, Skippy, Reiny, Christina and Chris