January 2, 2011

Photos Around Bluebird Farm on New Years Day

Finally the snow is melting here in Southwest Virginia and the fog started to move in because it is now in the 50's (instead of the 20's). Since it was fairly warm outside, I decided to run out and take some photos around the farm. I also took some photos of some of our lazy dogs after the holidays. They played so hard with all of their new Christmas toys that they pooped themselves out! How are all you pets doing after the holidays? Do you have to go out and buy a big new basket to fit all the new toys? If you have any great photos you want to share with us go ahead and join Lexi's Facebook page and upload them there. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/TheWorldAccordingToLexi

This is my beautiful Appaloosa Montana.

View from my front pasture of the fog moving into the mountains.

Montana and my QH Skippy getting fiesty.

Another view from my front pasture. I love the bird house (and the mailbox).

Tallulah sleeping off the holiday madness.

Peeking at me and thinking "nooooo, not another picture mommy, I'm trying to sleep"...

My silly Boxer Baby Nitro...see the crazy look in his eye...oh my....

He is such a silly nilly...I love his soft floppy bunny ears...oh those ears...


  1. I love Nitro's little turned up smiling mouth at the corners. Rowdy has been.... well... totally ROWDY lately. Can't stop this boy for nothing!

  2. Your Appy is beautiful!! As is the rest of your animal clan!

  3. I love horses and yours are just gorgeous! I would love to know what it is like to live with so much land!!!

    Nitro's expression had me cracking up! lol

  4. You all live in a beautiful part of VA! We live in Northern VA in a DC suburb, so it doesn't look like your part at all.....

    We've never met horses, do they like doggies?

    How is Nitro doing?

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack