January 13, 2011

Nitro and Tallulah Napping Together!

Do you know how it is when you first get a puppy, and you have smaller dogs, and every time the smaller dog wants to take a nap the puppy pounces on the smaller dog? Well, for the last 7 weeks that is how it has been around here at Bluebird Farm. The puppy wears Tallulah out and the minute she lays down to rest, KAPOOOOW! The puppy tackles her to the ground and bites her. Finally the other day (for the first time ever) they ate together, played together and then they took a nap together (hallelujah). So there is hope in the near future that things around here might just settle down a little bit after all (I know, I know, wishful thinking on my part but a girl can dream can't she?). Anyway, I took some photos of them napping together. They are so adorable! Do you have photos you can share with us on Lexi's Facebook page of your furry babies sleeping together? According to my dog Lexi, she would be thrilled to see some of your photos on her new Facebook page. Here is the link: The World According To Lexi Facebook Page


  1. Very sweet! I love that ring around Nitro's right eye! I just shared one of my favorite photos on Lexi's FB page. By the way, I spoke to Karen at Field of Dreams today, and plan to attend an orientation on Jan. 26th. Thanks again for the info.

  2. Oh boy, can I relate to this post. Handsome ignored Rowdy for a week and then gave up. Rowdy just snuggles in next to Handsome and makes himself at home at nap time. Handsome moans and groans but accepts the situation and I LOVE that they like one another.

    Great photos today!