January 3, 2011

Tallulah Retreating To Her Peaceful Place

Now that we have a high energy 5 month old puppy, who happens to think our little Tallulah is his personal play toy, she sometimes needs to sneak away just to get a break from all that "puppy energy". The other day she stood and cryed at the baby gate that blocks the rest of the house off from Nitro our boxer puppy. I let her get through the gate to go to my bedroom to what I call "Tallulah's Peaceful Place". Here is what I found when I went back into my bedroom about 20 minutes later.....

Doesn't she look so relaxed? I think she is thankful she can go back into the bedroom and find her peaceful place. Where does your furry friends go to get away from it all?


  1. Once in a while Handsome, our rottie, will sneak away into one of the bedrooms where we keep and extra dog bed for him. But, Rowdy? He's here upstairs with me right now and NEVER needs a peaceful place. He is permanently attached to his people.


  2. She looks like she's saying, don't make me go back to the other side, yet!
    Minnie hides under the covers to get away. Mack just gets into a lap.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. When we got our Sheltie we made sure that we have half of our condo baby-gated to give Cody (our cat) a "haven" to escape to to get away from his "kangaroo on Red Bull" brother...

    Amazingly Cody chooses much of the time to be in the same room with him (why, I have no clue! lol)

    When he does need peace and quiet he retreats into his teepee in our extra room which houses all of Cody's toys...or he loves to sleep on the shelf in the linen closet.

  4. Cooper Loves to sleep on the bed and bake in the sun.. Lola is content just about anywhere!

  5. She looks cozy!

    Nubbin wiggles,