January 8, 2011

Nitro Makes It In Our Local Paper!

Our new white Boxer puppy Nitro (who is a special needs dog because he is 100% deaf) made it in our local news paper yesterday. We adopted him from our local shelter and the local newspaper got wind of his special needs. The story first appeared on-line on 12-23-2010 and then again yesterday on 1-7-2011 in our local news paper. What a nice surprise. Here is the article link:

Salem Family Adopts Special Pup In Time For The Holidays

Here are some recent photos of Nitro taken a few days ago.

Nitro had his second puppy class and he did very well. He knows how to communicate through ASL signs. He can come here, sit, stay, lay down, and get into his crate. He also is picking up the signs for water, dinner, lunch, do you want a treat, get into your crate, and go potty. He is doing well socializing with other dogs and he is learning to get along well on a leash. We put a dog cover in the back seat of my car with a small blanket and a couple of toys. Now when he gets into the back seat of the car he just goes to sleep. All in all, he is doing great. I call him "Nitro my wonderdog"...he is such a character!

PS: According to my dog Lexi, she is starting to warm up to Nitro but she does not want to play with him yet because of those huge feet!


  1. Boxers and their feet. *sigh* It's what they do and why they are called Boxers. Rowdy is now 45 pounds at 6 months and slaps at our Rottweiler, Handsome's, nose when they play. Sometimes he scratches Handsome's nose and Handsome yips and then barks loudly at Rowdy. It hurts his nose! We reprimand Rowdy for hurting Handsome, who weighs 125 pounds. But still, they are best buddies.

  2. Wow is he getting big!! What a nice article in the paper. Congrats to you all!

  3. How cool! He's a lucky boy to have you, and he's SO HANDSOME!! Since we're in Roanoke, I'm curious to know where you're taking him for classes. I looked around a little for a puppy class when we got Zoe, but didn't find one, and kind of forgot about it. I still wouldn't mind finding a basic obedience class for her. She could really benefit from the socialization, I think. Please drop me a note when you have a chance. Thanks and congrats on your new dog!
    Kristin G.

  4. What a handsome boy! It's wonderful that you found each other. Great story!