January 25, 2011

Another Big Snow Storm Coming! We Are Sending Warm Thoughts Your Way!

Since it seems to be turning into a very long winter, I thought I would share some "warm thoughts" with all of you. Below are photos I took walking around Bluebird Farm in the summer time. I hope you enjoy looking at them and dreaming of summer as much as Lexi and I do. xoxox Lexi and Christina

Tallulah soaking up the summer sun...aaahhhh....


  1. Oh, warm summer pictures are just the thing we need to get through this winter! We're having a heat wave today... high of 29!!!

  2. love cone flowers... they just seem so wild and free looking.

  3. the photos are gorgeous! So nice to see some flowers in the dead of winter.

    We have been lucky in Michigan. We have had snow and very cold temps but all of the huge storms have been missing us....thank goodness!