January 15, 2011

Check Out The Animals From Angels Of Assisi At The Greater Roanoke Home And Garden Show

I decided to stop by the Greater Roanoke Home and Garden Show yesterday because I heard Angels of Assisi was going to have some animals up for adoption. There was a very nice crowd gathering at their booth for the "meet and greet" with the animals. It was hard to take photos with so many folks visiting the animals and the animals moving around so much (so please forgive my photography). They had a few beautiful cats there, a nicer more laid back older dog (photo of black and white dog), a pair of yellow labs, a Heeler/Lab mix (I'm guessing here), and a chihuahua mix. If you are going to the Home and Garden Show at the Roanoke Civic Center this weekend, be sure to stop by and say hi to the nice folks volunteering thier time for the animals. They are excepting donations at their booth. If you get a chance check out Angels of Assisi's blog called Rescue Stories

 According to my dog Lexi she thinks this little puppy below looks just like the puppy in their flyers above. What do you think? I think she may have a point!  What a cutie-pie!

These two beautiful yellow Labs are siblings. Hopefully someone will adopt them together. Maybe some of our readers from http://www.horseva.com/ will consider giving these two sweet dogs a home on a farm.

This is a really nice laid back dog that would be perfect for a farm or an older couple.

I'm not sure of the breed of this dog but it almost looks like an Aussie/Lab mix or a Blue Heeler/Lab mix.
They had some beautiful cats up for adoption. Angels of Assisi has a special program to save ferel or skittish cats called Barn Cat Buddies

Also for our horseva readers and Lexi's followers, Angels of Assisi has a farm sanctuary where they have farm animals up for adoption. Click her for more info on Harmony Farm Sanctuary

If you can't get by The Great Roanoke Home and Garden Show this weekend, but would love to make a donation to a great animal cause, click on Angels of Assisi donation information page
Your contributions to Angels of Assisi help us make a difference for animals and assist in community education and outreach efforts.
Angels of Assisi is a 501 (c)(3) organization. All contributions are non-refundable and fully tax deductible. Whether you are a long-time supporter or you have just discovered the work we do, thank you for your help and everything you do to help maintain the preservation of life for all animals. Together we can make a difference.

Hugs and kisses! Lexi and Christina

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  1. Great shots of all of the animals!

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