November 30, 2010

This Beautiful Basset Hound Has Found A Good Home!

Update on Tuck
This is my friend Kendall's dog. Today he met his new family and now has his "own little boy" named Hunter. He will be living on 4 acres in Blue Ridge and he will have a sweet little boy as his constant companion from now on. Thanks Lisa for replying to our post on Tuck. You made a young couple very happy knowing that their "baby" was going to a very good home. Be sure to update us and post some Christmas photos on our Facebook Page "The World According To Lexi". Merry Christmas, Christina and Lexi xoxoxo


  1. Oh man we will say pawerful prayers that he finds his new forever home quickly!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. OMG! He is so adorable!! We lost our lab in June of this year and our 4 year old son has been asking for another dog. My husband loves Bassett Hounds and we are very interested. Is there any way we could possibly see him this weekend? What a wonderful Christmas present for our little one! Please call Paul or Lisa at 540 977-0921. Cell 556-6748.
    Thank you!!!!

  3. Lisa, I sent you an email but I'm not sure if it went through. Tuck is great with kids but he does jump up and he might knock a small child over. Also he gets snippy if he is awakened or moved when he is sleepy. I still have several folks that I am waiting on to answer some questions for me. Please be patient. Now I do have a couple of questions. Do you have a fenced yard? Will he be an inside dog...not inside a garage but inside a house (upstairs with the family)?

  4. Hi Christina,
    Thank you for responding. I am really not concerned about the jumping but I am a little concerned about Tuck being snippy if awakened. I know Hunter, our 4 year old, would want Tuck to sleep with him. To answer your question, yes, Tuck would be living inside with the pack :) I know you said he was crate trained. Does that mean is house broken as well? We live in Blue Ridge and have a fenced in 4 acre residence. Tuck would have plenty of room to run when we are outside. Please keep me posted. We are still very interested. Thanks!

  5. Lisa, I am passing your info to my friend Kendall and she will call you. The dog belongs to her and I promised I would find him a good home and screen folks for her. Your situation sounds perfect and Tuck might be fine in bed with someone. It could be they wake him up in his crate and they might scare him. I have found when dogs sleep with their humans they never are snarky because they are soooo happy to be in bed with "their people". So I just sent her a private message with your number. I have never met her dog but her family are friends of mine and I promised her mom I would help her find a good home. Let me know how it goes. Christina Lee