November 6, 2010

Oogy Is Next On Our Reading List

We can't wait to read Larry Levin's "Oogy". The story is not only heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time. We have been trying to give Larry some ideas (via Oogy's FB page -!/OogytheBook ) on how he can maybe transport Oogy around the country so they can do a book tour outside of the Northeast region. Oogy can't fly because of his damaged ears. Since I have been in advertising, promotions and event planning for 12 years, I sent Larry a message on how he could apply for a Pepsi Refresh Grant to buy an "Oogymobile" and at the same time pick 5 Pitt Bull rescues in need. The total grant would be around 50K from the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. This would be an amazing awareness campaign to bring awareness to the plight of Pitt Bulls everywhere. I would also love to meet Oogy in person. Larry could tie in promotionally with the local shelters because they have so many Pitt Bulls and Pitt Bull mixes that are looking for forever homes. How many of you would vote for Oogy on the Pepsi Refresh Everything website? I know most of my dog loving friends would be on board. Now if we can get Larry and Oogy on board they might have a shot to visit our region. Well with that being said, I am at least going to go out and buy the book today and OBTW...I think I will also purchase a big box of tissues.

OXOXOX   Christina, Lexi, Bailey, Tallulah

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