November 18, 2010

Great Gift Ideas For Your Dogs!

Portable Dog Crate
Here is a cool Portable Dog Crate. We purchased one last year for Lexi so we could travel more. When we visited my BFF and wanted to go out to eat we would just put her in this and she would nap. We love our portable dog crate! This crate comes from Fetchdog. Click here for more information

Cold Fighter Dog Jacket from Fetch Dog
Take it from me we have been looking all over town for a winter jacket for Lexi and Tallulah and none of them fit right. For some reason they put the strap near the back of the dog instead of under his arms. Thisjacket looks perfect!  Click here to see more info on the Cold Fighter Dog Jacket
Microsuede Cozy Cave by Fetch Dog
If you have a small dog that likes to burrow like Lexi does, this is a perfect solution for your little pup! Lexi makes me get up and cover her up with her "binky"..yes I know she is spoiled. This might just solve all my promblems with her burrowing. Click here to see more info on the Microsuede Cozy Cave

Velvet Dog Crate Cover
If your dog is crate trained and sleeps in his crate often, can you imagine how much he/she would love this Velvet Dog Crate Cover from Fetch Dog? Not only will your pup feel like he is in his own den but it will also be warmer in his crate in the winter time. My big dog Bailey would love this cover! Click here for more information on the Velvet Dog Crate Cover
Good Dog Goodie Bucket From Fetch Dog
I just love this because it is basically Christmas in a bucket for your pup and there is also an option to personalize it. Click here for more information on the Good Dog Goodie Bucket

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  1. What a fabulous giveaway! Following you on GFC, and Facebook (Kim Thomas)
    CindyLu says, Hi Lexi!