February 24, 2011

My Poor Puppy Nitro Broke His Toe!

Nitro was out playing with Bailey the other day and came into the house covered in mud like he had wiped out. Then I noticed he was holding his paw up and would not let me touch it with out going nuts. We took him to Hanging Rock Animal Hospital the next morning to have his paw x-rayed. Well wouldn't you know it...he broke his toe. As you can see from these x-rays, it was a clean break. Now comes the hard part. Keeping a 6 month old puppy calm and on a leash for the next 3 weeks. Good luck with that, right? His first night at home was horrible! He cried until 1:00am because his pain meds had worn off. Thank god I had some Benadryl so I gave him 50mg and it helped him sleep for about 4 hours. He was so crazy this morning I decided to maintain our daily routine (with minor adjustments). So we went to visit our friends at the Salem City Hall. He had a good time visiting everyone and now he is down for a nap. Here are some photos of my pitiful pup.

x-ray of Nitro's front left paw

In this photo he is "red, white, and blue" such a good American Boxer!

I sure hope the next three weeks goes by fast. We will also be doing LED Laser Therapy for Dogs on his paw. Laser Therapy has and immediate effect on pain to produce an analgesic effect, which interferes with the way pain impulses are transmitted to the brain. Continuous laser therapy is best for conditions where inflammation exists. It also stimulates blood vessels to bring increased circulation and warmth to the effected area there by helping the bones to heal faster. Wish us luck!


  1. So sorry to hear this. Boxers are notorious for hurting their legs and paws. Get well soon, Nitro, and mind your mama!!

  2. Oh no, Nitro! That's a nice blue cast. At least you didn't get the collar of shame....hope it feels a lot better soon and you and your human can get some sleep.

    Such a sad little face in the last picture.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. The poor kid! I really hate it for you guys! He was doing so good at school, but now he just needs time to heal, and I know he'll pick right up where he left off. Hugs and healing wishes to Nitro!

  4. Get well soon....Puppy you are so cute, just care own self and play very carefully and take your medicine time to time.

  5. Poor baby! We hope it heals super fast!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Poor Nitro! We wish him a speedy recovery!

  7. Oh you poor little guy. I'll bet that hurts. I will send you my special snorkie healing thoughts. Now just put your paws on the back of the computer and you'll feel the warm waves coming to you... feel the pain leaving your paw? I'll keep doing it for you every day!
    Your Pal

  8. Ah Oh it is so hard to be quiet and still for that long, get better soon.

  9. Good luck! That looks like a very painful toe break... With a little patience, Nitro should be ok in time.

    This reminds me of Aschiuta and her cut toe. It wasn't nearly as bad, but she couldn't take the bandages and kept trying to take them off. I hope Nitro won't do the same, it's a good idea to check on them regularly.

  10. Feel better soon Nitro! We received a Blog Award and like your site so much that we linked to you :)