February 20, 2011

I Love Being Able To Order A Hard Cover Dog Photo Book At A Reasonable Price!

I want to take this opportunity to thank our Saturday Pet Blogger Hop hosts Two Little Cavaliers , Confessions of Plume and Life with Dogs for letting The World According To Lexi participate in this weeks pet blog hop.

For the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, I thought I would share with all of you my hard cover dog photo book that I ordered on-line for only $ 21.00. This is the third one I have done so far. The first two were of my other three dogs and some with Bluebird Farm photos. The book I ordered was an 8"x11" linen hard bound book. All you do is follow the steps and insert your photos. I went ahead and picked out 26 photos first and then I imported them to my desktop for easy uploading. They have so many backgrounds and designs to choose from so you can totally customize your entire book. I purchased mine at Walmart on-line under 8 x 11 Photo Book Designs (click here)

Here is the finished result of my photo book. Now that I look at it, somehow I think I skipped the "pick a design" step. My photo book is pretty plain.

The price at Walmart on-line is only $ 18.96 for each book plus shipping. On some of the pages you can add captions right at the bottom of the page. I had so much fun looking through all my Nitro photos and then deciding which photos I was going to put in the book. I had a great time putting the whole book together but what was even more exciting was showing of my new photo book to all my dog loving friends. Walmart also offers a copy of your hard bound book in a smaller bound flip through book for as little as $ 3 to $ 5.

Here are a few of my favorites on the Walmart's designs page (I don't know how I missed the "bad to the bone" dog design but I did).

I love anything FRENCH in design!
We live on Bluebird Farm so I love the vintage bluebird design

This is the "bad to the bone" doggie design - very cool!

This is one of my favorites....all my favorite colors that are in my house now.

If you get time go check out the photos books. According to my dog Lexi, we love them!

Happy Tails to you! Lexi and Christina xoxoxox


  1. I love your Nitro book. I really should make some doggie books of my babies. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Cute! Would love to have one of those for my cat.

  3. That was fun...we just received a similar book as a gift and I LOVE it. I'm glad to hear that they are easy to make. Speaking of easy to make, I just designed bumper stickers online that took only minutes and I'm giving them away here: http://www.allthingsdogblog.com/2011/02/custom-dog-stickers-made-to-order.html

  4. Cute book! Didn't know that Wal-Mart offers this option.

    I am having a giveaway at my blog.. become a follower and leave a comment to win a khaki jacket as soon as I reach 300 followers! It's a nice jacket!


  5. Love your book! Cute Nitro! It is a neat deal - easy too! I made one for my granddaughter which looked rather professional. Hadn't thought about doing one for Kirby until now. Thanks!

  6. What a great idea! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Wow, that is a good price! Thanks for telling us about it.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. I love all the pics of your sweet furbabies! They are adorable :) Stopping by from the blog hop and now following. Come see us at http://thedogblog84.blogspot.com/

    Happy Blogging!

  9. Your book turned out beautiful! I used to scrapbook...but digital photo books are so much faster!

  10. I'm currently working on a dog book right now for my little Sasha. Wow, didn't know they had this at Wal-Mart. Thanks so much for sharing!

    woofs and licks,

  11. You’ve inspired me! I’ve had this project sitting in the back of my mind for forever and I just needed this kick to get started. Can I ask what size book you get/recommend?

  12. I recommend the 8x11 hardcover for $ 20. I would also spend the extra $ 3 for the purse size soft book they offer you at the end of the ordering process. I'm glad we inspired you. I have 3 of these hard cover and have ordered serveral for friends (their children's graduation photos I took). They are an awesome gift! Good luck! Christina and Lexi