December 29, 2010

Nitro Enjoying The Sunshine On A Cold Winter Day

 Nitro was relaxing in the sun today on his doggie bed so I took full advantage of him being still. Enjoy!
 Are you all in love yet...if not, just keep on going and you will be....
                                 So sweet...
 I decided to throw in at least one black and white shot.
 In the shot above I just want to lay with him in the sun and smooch on that big flappy muzzle.
 Just chillin....
 Oh those ears, those lovely soft...
 What a little muffin with his pretty blue eye. He reminds me of Petey on "Little Rascals"
 By the time I took the shot above I had taken so many photos he started "bossing me" to stop. In other words, he started barking non-stop. Even though Nitro is deaf he sure can bark and boss me around...spoiled little boy!
 Here he gave up when he saw I wasn't going to put my camera down...poor boy.

In the above photo Nitro looks like he has a baby dinosaur mouth, he was bossing me again.

This is a great shot of his Boxer head!

The End!


  1. Awww so cute! You just want to cuddle him and give kisses

  2. I love boxer ears. Rowdy always walks around with his inside out! Aren't boxers the best? Nitro is just to die for sweet.

  3. Thanks Di...his ears are just lovely! So sweet!

  4. He's got a huge case of the cuteness!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Boxer ears....Nitro is the cutest!! thanks for sharing the picture.

  6. Oh yeah, deeply in love. What a doll!