December 9, 2010

7 Reasons to Give Thanks For Pets

According to my dog Lexi, there is at least "6 Reasons to Give Thanks For Pets" 

1. Pets inspire us. Even in the face of past adversities or physical limitations, animals stay strong and keep their hearts open to love.

2. Pets make us laugh! Whether they’re chasing a laser light toy or barking back at the television set, our pets surprise us and make us smile every day.

3. Pets comfort us. When we’re feeling under the weather or blue, pets lift our spirits with a warm nuzzle.

4. Pets help us live longer. Research conducted around the world shows the health benefits of life with pets — from lowering the risk of heart disease to helping humans heal faster after surgery.

5. Pets keep us active. Whether by taking a long walk with our pets or trying out “dog-a,” we also benefit from giving our four-legged friends exercise.

6. Pets protect us. Even if they’re just barking at the wind or raising their fur at shadows, pets instinctively try to keep us safe from harm.

****According to my dog Lexi, all the above is true but she wanted me to add one more thing to the list. According to Lexi pets also push us out of our comfort zones to socialize with other pet/dog lovers.

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  1. those are seven EXCELLENT reasons to give thanks for our pets!

    Thanks for sharing!

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