December 5, 2010

Be Sure To Send Lexi Your Doggie Christmas Photos!

It's that time of year again! Christmas is almost here so we need your Christmas photos! We ran over to Fields Of Dreams Dog Training today for their Christmas Open House. We took Nitro over to meet some of the trainers and we also met a lot of new doggie friends. While we were there, Santa stopped by for a visit so we got a photo of Nitro with Santa. Here is the photo of Nitro and Santa from today's Open House and also a photo of a cute pair of Bostons on Santa's lap. I decided to sign up for the new Picasa editing software so I went ahead and took some regular photographs of our pups and turned them into Christmas photos for your viewing pleasure.

Be sure to go to Lexi's FB page and upload your favorte photos. We might pick out a few to feature on our website! Here is the link:!/TheWorldAccordingToLexi
               Nitro sitting on Santa's lap.
 Nitro framed in big pink snowflakes.2 Bostons with Santa - so cute!
Lexi wishing you all a Happy Holiday!
Tallulah excited about Christmas.
Bailey ready to pull a sleigh.


  1. Good gosh if we could get one good photo out of the 1,000 we have taken we would

  2. We'll try to get you a photo.. we gotta get the dress made first