December 11, 2010

Fun Christmas Edit's With Nitro

Here are some fun ways you can add a little Christmas cheer on your pet photos.

I use Picasa but about a week ago I decided to sign up for Picasa's new upgrade editing software called Picnic. Picnic offers really cool editing options for only $ 2 a month or in my case $ 24 a year. If you do several blogs like I do, then this is a great tool to take advantage of.

Here are some examples of what Picnic has to offer. I took a regular photo of Nitro and cropped it to the size below and also used an editing button which can focus a little bit of color in the middle of a black and white photo effect. In this case I left a little color on Nitro's face. In photo number two I used 4 different options under the Picnic Holiday options button. As you can see in photo number two, I used the frost effect, the Christmas lights frame, added antlers, and last but not least, I added a big red Rudolph the red nosed reindeer nose to Nitro's cute little face. On photo number three I just used the frost frame effect with the color white as my frost color (they give 6 color options for the frost frame). It sure was fun playing aournd with all this fun editing software and I think Nitro looks very festive for the Holidays.  Merry Christmas from my little red nosed dog Nitro, Lexi, Bailey, Tallulah and myself!

Photo 1.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Here is one last photo I took in which I used more of the Holiday options from Picasa Picnic. In this photo is my big dog Bailey and my puppy Nitro. They are so cute together!