August 14, 2010

Tallulah Is Always Finding Interesting Places to Take Her Naps!

After I finished my morning farm choirs, I walked into my bedroom and I fould Tallulah nesting in one of my favorite chairs. I wonder what goes through her little Pughauhau brain when choosing a place to nap. This particular spot before she smushed it down doesn't look comfortable at all. Maybe it was because I was outside doing choirs with the horses and the horse barn is on that side of the house. The blinds are down (that's what makes the lighting so pretty) but she can still hear me doing my choirs. I think as long as Tallulah can hear her mommy pooring out buckets of water, pouring grain into the horse bens, talking to her big babies outside, then she knows it's okay to take a nap and she doesn't have to guard the house. My little 10 lb. guard dog!
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