August 17, 2010

Shelters Filling Up As Gulf Pet Owners Struggle

Can you imagine having to give up your furry "loved ones" because of a man-made or natural disaster? This is exactly what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Folks in that region do not have the time or money to maintain their pets (some are BP workers that are still working 12-20 hours a day trying to clean up the mess). Others are out of work and can't afford the food or medical care that is required for keeping a pet healthy and safe. The last time I was at the Second Harvest Food Bank here in Roanoke I asked them why they didn't have an area for pet food and they felt they would leave that part up to the shelters. With so many folks giving up their pets because of the economy maybe we can convince our local food banks into having a pet food section so folks that are in need don't have to choose between feeding thier families and feeding thier pets. I would be happy to start a pet food drive if we can convince the food banks to add it to their inventory. I know Lexi, Bailey, Tallulah, Montana, Skippy and Reiny (all of my furry babies) are with about all of you?

Read full article about what is going on in the Gulf of on link below:

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