July 3, 2011

Welcome To Special Effects Sunday!

According to my dog Lexi, I take about 3000 photos a month (roughly) so I have decided to launch a Special Effects Sunday this month where I will take some of my favorite photos (that didn't make the weekly cut onto our blog) and do some special effects and feature them just on Sundays. By doing this I get to have a little fun with my creative side and folks that enjoy something a little different can check us out on Sundays. For the other 3 to 4 posts we do here at The World According To Lexi the rest of the week the photos will be regular photographs.

I hope you enjoy our very first Special Effects Sunday!

Below are some morning shots I took of Nitro with my new Nikon Coolpix P500. I would love to see these four in a Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas Wall Cluster by Color Inc.


  1. Love your pictures, this is the camera I have requested for my B I G 6 0!

    i am stopping by from the Saturday Hop and and will sign out now so I can snoop at all of your pictures!