July 24, 2011

Special Effects Sunday!

According to my dog Lexi, it is Special Effects Sunday here on the World According To Lexi. What that means is I get to play and have fun with my photos by applying layers of special effects and hopefully you will all enjoy the different graphic combinations. Happy Summer Sunday!

I have chosen this photo of Nitro chilling out in the back yard to start our Special Effects Sunday.Look at this "landshark's" jaws! It is a good thing he is a sweet gentle and loving boy!

 Here I did a little brightness and added a Poster effect.

 This photo represents how Nitro felt this past week with temps in the 95 to 100 degree range.

 This special effect photo I call "Morning Breath Nitro".....

"Mosaic Nitro"

This special effect would be a great on a photo card around Easter time because of the soft pastel colors.
We hope you enjoyed our little excursion into Special Effects Sunday.

Happy Sunday!

Lexi, Nitro, Bailey, Tallulah, Christina and Chris
(The Bluebird Farm Pack)


  1. Really enjoyed those special effects. Boy does Nitro have a big mouth!!!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Boxers do have some jaws on them, don't they. Rowdy looks like that after a walk when he's trying to get air inside and cool off. Love that Nitro!

  3. awesome..you have the coolest eyes
    Benny & Lily

  4. Great job with the special effects!

  5. I love that despite the huge, wide open mouth, there are only about two teeth visible in this picture!

  6. I like that mosaic best. Handsome boy!