July 5, 2011

Drunk Puppy Buying Banned By West Village Pet Stores

Photo by: Serena Soloman
DNAinfo Reporter/Producer - July 5, 2011

WEST VILLAGE — You've heard of drunk dialing and drunk Facebooking, but drunk puppy buying?

Inebritated passers-by are falling in love with playful pooches frolicking in the window of a West Village pet store, and the problem has become so bad the owner has banned them from taking the pets home.

"I feel like they always come in drunk," said Fernanda Moritz, the manager of Le Petite Puppy at 18 Christopher St. which has implemented a policy against letting customers buy — or even hold — animals if they've been drinking.

The shop is surrounded by bars, and Moritz said many of her would-be customers stop in after happy hour around 6 p.m."They come from there and say 'let's stop by to see the puppies,'" said Moritz.

Amazingly the store, which has supplied puppies to celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Jackman, isn't the only one in the neighborhood forced to implement the ban.

Christopher Street's Citipups also forbids intoxicated customers from purchasing puppies.

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 Drunk puppy buying customers are a challenge at Greenwich Village pet stores surrounded by bars and clubs.


  1. Well, the problem would be solved if they stopped buying puppies en masse from puppy mill breeders and putting them in the pet store to be sold.

  2. how funny! I know this shop too, I have been there and almost bought a pug I loved but I guess I wasn't drunk enough! Love your dog blog :-)