July 10, 2011

Special Effects Sunday for 7-10-2011

This is our second Special Effects Sunday and according to my dog Lexi, she loves our new special Sunday post! I wonder how many of our followers out in the blogoshpere in Marketing or Advertising? If you are, hopefully this will be a fun post for you. A few of weeks ago I ordered my deaf white Boxer Nitro a couple of pairs of Doggles and since I are in advertising (Lee Digital Marketing), I like to have some fun turning my photos into what I would consider a fun and effective marketing tool.

In the following photo line-up I'm going to pretend Doggles is one of my clients and they have asked me to come up with an effective photo for their new print campaign (in my dreams).  The first photo of Nitro in his Camouflage Doggles is pretty straight forward (red collar, white dog, blue vest and Camo Doggles) because it is a patriotic photo but it's not to red, white and blue as to look like a Fourth of July poster.  The next photo I went a little more macho (to target those men who might be on the fence in regards to buying thier dog a pair of Doggles) so I went "macho covert" with a night vision effect (very masculine).

Since I have a white boxer with very little pigment (he is like a pink baby) and I worry about his skin and eyes all the time I tried a super dose of  "Sun" effect.  I don't look at the heat of the sun in the same way  I used to before I rescued Nitro. To me the sun is way to strong for him and the bright light makes his eyes run so on the third photo I did a very high thermal effect. Tell me what you think.

 Not only does the "night vision google" effect look more macho but it also looks more miltiary which is consistent with the Camo Doggles.

 This is how the sun feels to Nitro. He can only last about 30 minutes out in the sun before he is completely over heated. Poor boy.

My big beautiful sweet dog Bailey relaxing on the back deck.

Nitro at the Farmer's Market

Nitro napping...zzzzzz...zzzzz....zzzzz
Happy Sunday!


  1. Very cool pictures! I think the third picture of Nitro in the Doggles looks hot - all that pink and yellow-orange almost radiates the heat.

  2. Doggles are perfect for Nitro! Did it take long for him to get used to wearing them?

    Wonderful photos, again...

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack