July 12, 2011

Reminder About Heat Stroke In Dogs

It is going to be a hot one today folks! The forcast here in the Roanoke Valley is tempretures will reach 100+ degrees. I remember reading this story a few years back and it was so sad especially because Robin Star had no idea her husband had put their 16 year old dog in the back of her car while she was getting ready ofr work. This story goes to show sometime bad things happen to good people. So I am just posting this as a reminder to please don't leave your dog in the car even for a few minutes because it could be tragic if you do.

A few weeks ago I read that if you just have a dog house for shade in your yard it is not enough to cool your dog because on a 90 degree day, the inside of a dog house can get up to a smoldering 112 degrees! If you must leave your dog outside on these hot days make please make sure he has plenty of shade and I would even go as far as putting out two big buckets of water (instead of one).

The following story is a reminder to all. This story is from August 26, 2011 from the Baltimore Sun (on-line).
Richmond SPCA head leaves dog in hot car for hours.

In case you think this sort of thing only happens to people who don't really care about animals, here's a horrifying story by the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the head of that city's SPCA who unknowing left her dog, Louie, in the car when she went to work.

When Robin Starr came out for lunch four hours later, she noticed Louie.
It was about 90 degrees in Richmond that day by lunchtime. Louie died later that night.
Apparently Starr's husband put the dog in the car while she was getting ready for work. She drove to work not noticing Louie in the car.


  1. I'm not even going to read the article because it would break my heart. Even leaving a pet outdoors with no shade or no water this time of the year is abuse in my eyes. People need to treat their pets as they would a family member and that's just the bottom line.

  2. We sure wish more people would read this post
    Benny & Lily