June 2, 2011

Two Great Videos of My Deaf Dog Nitro!

This video was a demonstration I did a few weeks ago with my nine month old deaf white boxer Nitro at our local Pet Expo. We were a bit nervous but I thought we did pretty good considering we made it up as we went along.

Here is a another video taken this morning of Nitro teasing my little Pughauhau Tallulah by squeaking her favorite ball. He can't hear the squeak but he must be able to feel the air come out of the ball when he presses down or he just sees the reaction on Tallulah's face when he presses down on the ball and that expression alone keeps him squeaking and squeaking and squeaking.


  1. He's definitely cute!

    Just a thought from a person who's worked with deaf people, he may be able to hear the squeak of the ball enough that it appeals to him. Most deaf people or deaf animals aren't living in complete silence, they just can't hear well enough to distinguish which sounds are which, or they can hear low or high range sounds only. It might also tickle his mouth when it vibrates! Whatever causes it, he's definitely enjoying the heck out of it! He did great at the expo! :) No wonder you're proud of him!

  2. Way to go! Did anyone there no he was deaf? I bet they were amazed!


  3. He did great at the expo. Lots of reason to be proud. The second is adorable with the ball.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. What a great job you have done in training .. takes a lot of work. Proud mama! Btw, he's a cutie!

  5. You both looked very relaxed and not nervous at all. Great demonstration!

  6. What a great job at the Expo! Nitro looks like he loves to learn.

    Minnie was sleeping as I began to watch the video and heard all the squeaking....then she came into the room with tail wagging and head cocked looking for the source, very funny. Tallulah and Nitro are so cute together.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Minnie and Mack's mom

  7. Love him! How much does Nitro weigh now?