June 21, 2011

The Roanoke Valley Horse Show is in Town!

Nitro and I stopped by The Roanoke Valley Horse Show this morning to take photos for our sister website Horseva. Right when Nitro and I arrived, we were greeted by the RVHS welcome wagon. I think they were actually coming over to see Nitro. We stayed about an hour and walked around and shot some photos with my small camera. It was pretty hot for Nitro so we couldn't stay at the RVHS very long. Nitro did get a lot of hugs and kisses while he was on location. He is so spoiled! Enjoy our photo collage of the 2011 Roanoke Valley Horse Show.

********Click on each photo collage to enlarge*********
(From L to R) 1. Pony carts; 2. Warming up the big grey Warmblood; 3. The RVHS Welcome Wagon welcoming my dog Nitro; 4. A frisky horse in the warm up ring (and that is why we warm them up first);
5. Nitro meeting a sweet little Corgi girl; 6. Brick Hunter-Jumper sculpture.

(From L to R) 1. The ladies from Cross View Farm; 2. Judy's Tack Trailer; 3. Beautiful Hunter-Jumper in the warm up ring; 4. Cooling off under the spectator's tent; 5. Anne Martin warming up a client's horse in the warm up ring; 6. One of the outside Hunter-Jumper rings facing the Elizabeth Campus.

(From L to R) 1. Unloading the show horses at the RVHS; 2. Our friends Willow Kerns, Nitro and Rachael Sampson loving on Nitro; 3. Metal horse sculpture; 4. Hotdog vender; 5. Riding in the open fields across from RC Elizabeth campus; 6. Female equestrian on her little pink scooter.

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  1. I haven't made it over to the show yet, but have tickets for Friday night. Hope to see the Terriers too! I enjoyed your photos.