June 9, 2011

Nitro's Reward!

Since Nitro passed his CGC Test (Canine Good Citizen Certification) ,we decided to celebrate by going to The Woodstock Dog Festival and we also purchased him a new Kong Tugger Knots Dog Toy for his reward.

Here are just a few photos of Woofstock. It was 92 degrees when we got there at 1:30 and we only stayed until 3:00 because it was so hot.
Nitro and I cooling off in the shade.
Dogs, dogs, dogs, everywhere!

Such pretty faces although I am not a big fan of the collar on this dog.

I think this was a Labradoodle...

Cute little strawberry blonde beagle...
This is Larry with his Yorkie Harley. They ride Harleys together. Man he loves that dog!

So pretty...

I bet this collie was pretty hot with all that thick long hair.
Here are some photos of Nitro and Tallulah playing with Nitro's new Kong Frog Toy.

Tallulah: Please share...please share...please share!

Tallulah thinking to herself. How can I distract this big lug and take his toy when he is not looking?


Bailey to Tallulah: "Just hang out a while because Nitro will get bored with his new toy and then you and I can play with it later"...

Nitro: "I know they think I am just a big dumb lug but I am not letting my new toy out of my site. I worked hard for six months to get this darn toy and I deserve not to share it with anyone else"....just sayin...

People ask me all the time if Nitro is a Pit Bull and all you can see from this mug shot he is 100% Boxer boy!

He is really enjoying his new toy and it makes me very happy because he really has worked so hard over the last six months in his training. In two of the six months he had a broken toe and after the first week with a splint on his paw we went right back to training again the following week. He is such a good sport!

Beautiful little eight pound Tallulah. She is the best of both breeds because she is a stout and sturdy Pughuahua or Chug (Chihuahua and Pug). She loves Nitro more then words can say.

Nitro sometimes looks at me and puts his nose in the air to make sure I don't have any treats in my hand.

A perfect Boxer profile...

He is only ten months old but he is starting to look like an adult male Boxer. I think he will still gain another twenty pounds or so before he is done growing (I just want to grab those cheek flaps and kiss him!).

So regal....

Tallulah taking a break from all the playing. She worships the sun just like Lexi does.

Lexi worshipping the sunshine on the back deck.

Silly dogs...
Nitro is so white I think I need some kind of filter for my camera so doesn't always glow like Casper The Friendly Ghost!


Nitro had an amazing day on Saturday. He passed his CGC Test, got to go to Woofstock, and then he came home and played with his new Kong toy. What a life! What are your plans for your dogs to have fun this summer?


  1. Mom is travelling so much we can't plan anything this summer! Congratulations to Nitro! He really deserves his toy!


  2. Thank You Christina. It was good to meet you and Nitro on Saturday, and we look forward to meeting you again sometime. Meanwhile, I'll be keeping up with Nitro, Tallulah and Lexi and their adventures through your blog. Thank You So Much for including Me and Harley. And Yes, You are Right. I Love Harley so Much.
    PS: We Passed our first encounter with Animal Control and Roanoke Police. Silly People called them, thinking I would Ride Harley on the bike, without Attaching him to me...
    PSS: Our Plans for the Summer are to RIDE RIDE RIDE, and Meet New People and their Furbabies
    Larry and Harley

  3. Adorable photos of all your dogs.

    We didn't attend the Woofest due to the heat. Just stayed home in the A/C. Hope things cool off after this current heatwave.


  4. It looks like a great time. Me & my people hope to get to go camping a lot this summer!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Your dogs are so cute together, especially Tallulah and Nitro. I didn't realize Tallulah is just 8 pounds. She looks rather muscular for an 8-pounder. I hope the heat eases up soon. It's still too hot! Thanks for hanging out with us at Woofstock. I'm going to try to get my post ready for Saturday. Must get on it. :)