September 8, 2010

We Finally Finished The New Guest Suite At Bluebird Farm!

It has taken a whole year but we finally finished the guest suite downstairs. My husband Chris is an amazing carpenter! It took him 15 months from start to finish but it was worth the time because it gave me time to get my "idea book" together for this entire project. Whenever I start a design project, I take several months putting together my idea book with photos from all my design books/magazines of things that I really like or need to find. It really helps my husband Chris see my vision, for example, take a look at the sliding bathroom door. We ordered barn hardware and purchased an old antique solid wood door from Black Dog Salvage. When we finally hung the door on the barn rollers, we could both see it was the perfect solution for this particular design project. Also, I had sketched several drawings of the built-in-day-bed. I love the old rail road train passenger cars with the small beds and curtains for privacy. We installed lights with a dimmer switch on the inside walls of the built-in-bed for reading. On the guest suite project we went from very dark colors (burgundy and dark golds) to very light colors. With the new color combinations of white, cottage beige, and accent colors of  light aqua blue, and dark beige the downstairs is much lighter and brighter then before. I fell in love with the white slip-covered couches (so much so I ordered the same couch in a sectional for the upstairs great room). Double click on each photo to enlarge to full size:

We lucked out on the bathroom because we were only planning a half bath. With only 4ft x 8ft to work with, we didn't think adding a shower was an option but much to our surprise we discovered we could actually fit a nice sized shower in the very small space. We used beadboard and high baseboard trim on the bathroom walls just like you might find in an old farm house. We decided to add the built-in shelves for towels and toiletries. I found the cool old antique mirror for only $ 30 at Black Dog Salvage. The whole project has come together nicely. All the artwork downstairs is either equestrian or old dog paintings and photos that Chris and I have taken of all of our dogs (notice the shelf in the daybed has all black and white photos of our dogs) over the years on Bluebird Farm. We can't wait for our families to come from Montana, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota so they can experience Bluebird Farm in total comfort! Hint..hint...hint....

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